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Materials science & chemistry

Master of Science

ENSICAEN trains eco-friendly engineers in the field of organic chemistry or petrochemistry, and materials for energy or structural materials. Our graduated engineers are able to meet the challenges of 21st century social issues: energy (biofuels, new materials for stocking energy and its production), development (green chemistry, security, carbon footprint) or health (new drugs).

The Materials and Chemical Engineer graduated from ENSICAEN has acquired all the skills to master design and production tools, synthesis and characterization of innovative materials or complex organic compounds.

Research-oriented Learning
Courses, tutorials and practical work are taught by research-professors from excellent laboratories supported by the CNRS : CRISMAT, CIMAP, LCMT, LCS. Experts from different industrial sectors regularly intervene along the three years education.

The course is registered in the National Directory of vocational qualifications : document number 4285

Major and option
to choose from in the second year for a personalized course

Organic chemistry and catalysis

Courses focus on organic chemistry and on chemical engineering in order to prepare for the two very specialized options in the third year.

Option : Organic Chemistry
The organic synthesis of complex molecules is approached from different aspects in order to train engineers with expertise in the fields of health, environment, cosmetics and fragrances, molecular electronics …

Option : Petro-chemistry and catalysis
Petro-chemistry is taught in all its forms, from studying chemistry (chemical engineering, catalysis), to taking into consideration the economy of the sector and the environmental impact.

Materials for energy and structural materials

Based on research and innovation, these options focus on a fundamental knowledge in materials science which is completed by one of the two more specialized groups of courses.

Option : Energy
The synthesis and the properties of specific materials in the field of energy are approached from the angles of production, storage and energy saving.

Option : Structural Materials
Materials Science is taught with the aim of conceiving structures with multiple properties which are at the same time resistant, efficient and recyclable. The structures are optimized by scientific modelling.


Incoming students who want to study for a semester at ENSICAEN can enroll in English-taught programs offered during the second year of our Master studies in Material Science & Chemistry

For any questions regarding the application procedures and the deadlines, please contact international@ensicaen.fr.

Please note that if you would like to come as an exchange student as part of a cooperation agreement between your institution and ENSICAEN, you must be nominated by your International Office.

Our curriculum
in Materials science & chemistry

Complementary and Optional Course

Research Master
Materials, Nanostructures and Energy
Organic Chemistry
Chemistry, Catalysis, Environment and Sustainable development

International double diploma
– Engineer in UNICAMP on Material Engineering (Campinas, Brazil).

Master Degree in management
EM Normandie Business School

Teaching through projects

Introduction to research – Second year

Fundamental or applied research project carried out in pairs in one of the research laboratories located at ENSICAEN.

Industrial Project – Third year
Project management linked to a theme suggested by a partner company.


Technician – First year (optional)
4 weeks minimum, from mid-June to the end of August

Engineering assistant – Second year
4 months, starting in May

Engineer – Third year – Final project study
5 to 6 months starting in March

Languages taught at ENSICAEN

First foreign language: English
Second foreign language: French, German, Portuguese, Italian or Spanish
Third foreign language (optional): Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, German or Spanish.

Political Studies Certificate for the Engineer

A partnership with Sciences Po Rennes on the Caen campus : our students have the possibility to prepare a Political Studies Certificate for the Engineer. After they have graduated, they will be able to integrate the sandwich course Master “Public debate and consultation for territories in transition”

Become « ensicaennais » !

International students who wish to pursue an academic period to study for a Master of Science degree in Materials science & chemistry and depending on their level of studies are admitted to the Bachelor 3, Master1 or Master2 year. According to their mobility project, they have the possibility between being an exchange student, a double degree student or a fully enrolled ENSICAEN student.

The quality of how they are welcomed, the accommodation and their integration is a major preoccupation of ENSICAEN.

That is why they are taken care of by the International Club’s engineering students when they arrive and receive support from the International Relations Office which provides continuous follow-up to facilitate administrative and logistic procedures. The international students also participate in cultural and convivial events organized by the International Club or the Student Office during the year.



Consulting Engineer
Production Engineer
Quality Engineer
Research and Development Engineer
Hygiene, Security and Environment Engineer


Agrochemistry, Aeronautics, Car industry, Construction industry, Cosmetology, Aroma and Perfume industry, Green Chemistry, Pharmaceutical industry, Energy, Mechanical engineering, Metallurgy, Petrochemistry, Refining and Catalysis …

Partner Companies

Altran – ArcelorMittal – Arkema – EDF – Essilor – Exxon mobil – Faurecia – Hutchinson Worldwide – L’Oréal – Orano – PSA groupe – Renault – Saint-Gobain – Sanofi – Thales – Thermocoax – Total


Member of the Gay Lussac Federation (Fédération Gay Lussac)

Margaux MARNIER, year 2013
Materials for Materials for energy and structural materials

« After a preparatory course, I chose ENSICAEN to discover the world of materials. With its strong collaboration with research, ENSICAEN offers the opportunity to have solid scientific skills especially with projects carried out in their laboratories during the three years of education. After completing my final year internship in Faurecia, I followed my education with a CIFRE PhD in collaboration with the CRISMAT laboratory. At the end of these three years of research and a mission in a company, I was hired as a doctor engineer in the Materials Team of Faurecia »

Contact our team

International Office

+33 (0)2 31 45 27 72