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A transdisciplinary laboratory at the interface between Solid-state chemistry, Material sciences and Solid-state physics


The laboratory is related to the Chemistry and Physics Institutes of the CNRS. Its vocation is to contribute to technological innovation in the field of energy and technology of information and communication, by combining high fundamental and applicative research.

The laboratory is internationally recognized for its capacity to discover new materials (oxides, intermetallics, hybrids) with remarkable properties such as superconductivity, colossal magneto-resistance and thermoelectricity obtained such as powder, single crystals, ceramics, or thin films.

The conception of these new materials is based on a multiscale approach going from the atom to the macroscopic scale and relies on the use of advanced physical techniques for the characterisation of their properties (electronic, thermal, magnetic).

The laboratory works with numerous national companies (Murata, SAFT, Airbus, Depestele, SKF) and foreign academic partners (IIT Madras, NTSingapur, NiMS Tsukuba…).

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Tel. : +33 (0)2 31 45 26 04

Address : 6 Boulevard du Maréchal Juin, 14050 CAEN cedex 4