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Research Center on Ions, Materials and Photonics


Interdiciplinary by nature, the CIMAP research activity is based on a multiscale approaches going from fundamental to applications in two main themes: “materials and optics” and “material excited and defects.”

The research objectives as regards the theme of “materials and optics”, the research objectives focus on one side, on the development and the characterisation of new materials for optics and photonics and, on the other side, on the development of new instruments (optic captors, lasers …).

The CIMAP synthesizes materials (massive crystals, thin films, nano structured thin films) studies their structural and optics properties, builds and designs laser prototypes or basic concept for systems.

As for the theme of “material excited and defects”, the objective is to understand the mechanism of excited electronic states in matter and the study of defects in the structure of materials.

The research deal with the energy transfer between multicharge ions and small atoms aggregates, relaxation channels of excited matter, the mechanisms of creating defects, the structural modifications induced by irradiation and the description of growth or irradiation defects. This research activity is carried out before the research on the aging of nuclear materials.

In addition to these research missions, CIMAP researchers and professors fulfill the mission of welcoming external teams coming to carry out experiments with GANIL ion beams as well as teaching missions.

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Website : https://cimap.ensicaen.fr

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