Student life

At ENSICAEN, student life is essential part of the 3-year training. The Student Office is responsible for student activities and the associative life of the school. The 50 or so clubs and associations organise a lot of activities.Caen is a city that offers multiple resources in terms of activities in a privileged environment and a magnificent region!

Discover the offices for student life

the student office

The Student Office

The “Student Office“ (BDE) is an association that manages Ensicaen’s student life. It contains offices: Sport (BDS), Art (BDA), Entertainment (BDD), Humanities (BDH).
These offices are responsible for many clubs, which organize a lot of activities and make the school full of life.
Each year, the “BDE” organises major events: The orientation of new students and orientation weekend, trips, parties and the “Caenpagnes” (student union elections).

Logo BDS Officiel

The Sport Office

Hey you! Yes, you ! Are you tired of learning all the laws of physics ? If so, come train with us to win tournaments and show off your dream body on the Normandy beaches ! (Weather not included)

At the ENSICAEN we are always ready for tournaments, and we participate in a number of them. NEC, TOSS, TIP and TIC, these tournaments bring together around 1500 students from all over the country. These are perfect times to show not only our sporting talent, but also our fierce supporters !

logo entertainment office

The Entertainment Office

Pleasure. Leisure. Party. Meetings. Laughs. The Entertainment Office is here to serve you and bring you joy on a platter of fun.

Tired of sadness and loneliness ? No more boring afternoons between two rain showers. We must have a club for YOU ! Otherwise, you can create it, because there are people here to share your passions.

Baby foot and Philosophy, Poker and Rubik’s cube… we have everything to spend 3 enjoyable years.

logo humanities office

The Humanities Office

The Humanities Office of the National Graduate School of Engineering of Caen (ENSICAEN) is led by a dynamic and generous team whose objective is to raise students’ awareness of humanitarian problems. It allows all students to invest themselves in charity, humanly as well as financially, and to discover new cultures through its various clubs.

The “BDH” has another creed : “Going out is good, but going out to support a cause is better !”

logo art office

The Art Office

What would a school be without music, movies, and art ? Because, yes, art is part of an engineer’s life !

At ENSICAEN, you will be able to widen your artistic culture and skills, through several clubs. Drawing, watching, playing, dancing, mixing, doing everything you want to have a ball.

The “BDA” is here to impress you through the originality of its events, and its never-ending good mood. Come and join us !

The integration period


the integration period

The integration, “inté” for short, is a special time of year.

During the first month of the school year, you’ll be able to meet all the older students.

To get to know them, each and every student association group will present itself through a breakfast, a presentation, and a small party.

It is also the time to start forming your own ENSICAEN family. One older student is going to be there for you, to make sure you fit in and feel at home. Then the “inté” comes to an end with the WEI (weekend d’intégration = integration weekend). The WEI consists of two nights and days of pure party in a secret place, and it’s a blast!


The best way to discover the world is by moving !

During the year, at least two trips will be organised by the ‘’Bureau des Élèves’’ called BDE (student office). The first, usually in early December, will allow you to discover one major European city (Amsterdam or Brussels, for example) for a weekend.

The second, in February, will be dedicated to a week of skiing ! Whatever your desires or your level, everyone is welcome to spend quality time with friends and all at a discount price ! To discover France, some other trips (the Mont Saint Michel, the Normandy coast, Paris) are organised by the Intercultural Club of ENSICAEN.

The gala of ENSICAEN

THE “Caenpagnes”!     

the gala of ensicaen

Once each year, we all gather for one of the most important events, the Gala. A group of dedicated students works hard for 9 months to make this moment as unforgettable as possible. It is also the occasion to meet fellow “Ensicaennais” (Ensicaen students) who have already started their professional life. You must attend this event, during which you will be able to vote for miss, mister and couple ENSICAEN.

caenpagnes vie étudiante

The “Caenpagnes” are the highlights of February and March.
They allow the “Ensicaennais” to pick the new “BDE” and “BDS”. Indeed, for the “BDE”, 2 lists (or more) compete during two weeks, to see who can offer the best breakfast, lunch, activities, and parties to win the election.  It’s the same for the “BDS” even though the “caenpagne’’ is shorter in time.

The Carnival  

Carnival, you said CARNIVAL ?!

Are we talking about the biggest student carnival in Europe ?

And it’s happening in Caen ? And yes, 23 000 students in disguise are in the streets all afternoon! And ENSICAEN is even building a crazy float with two other engineering schools for this unforgettable day. So get your buddies out there to dance behind our float, it’ll be worth it! It is a real open air festival and totally free.

Video credits : DLMNS