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LPC Caen

Research lab in the field of subatomic physics


The research teams study force proprieties implemented in the atomic nucleus in order to understand the mechanism responsible for their creation.

The study of exotic nucleus, short life synthetic nucleus, brings crucial information and makes possible the elaboration of nuclear structure models with which it is possible to have a better understanding of the creation of elements in the Universe.

Measures of great precision, such as the current electronic dipole and the neutron time-life, the study of the nuclear beta disintegration, the determination of the mass and the neutrino nature are carried out in order to experiment hypothesis of the standard Model of elementary particles. The emphasis on deflexions compared with the predictions of this Model would mean the existence of a new type of physics.

The theoretical nucleus study contributes to the advanced understanding of the infinitely small that introduces similar phenomenology to the ones of microscopic systems. These studies also enable modelling compact celestial bodies like neutron celestial stars.

To answer strong social requests, the laboratory also runs research with interdisciplinary and applied characteristics in the field of electronuclear energy (transmutation of radioactive waste) and in the field of particle therapy (treating cancers with the help of particle beams).

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Email : communication@lpccaen.in2p3.fr

Address : 6 Boulevard du Maréchal Juin
14050 CAEN cedex 4