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Computer Science

Master of Science

This formation is focused on software architecture. Our students acquire a broad knowledge of state of the art technology : development of applications for smartphones or tablets, enterprise application software distributed on networks or big data software. Depending on their professional project, they can lead research and development projects, manage a team or train and assist clients. All businesses need new digital technologies Computer engineers therefore have a large choice of activities, the security of full employment and attractive salaries !

With creative and innovating jobs computer engineering is the field of engineering where engineers are the happiest, according to a study from the statistic institute of the French Ministry of Labour in 2018.

Research-oriented Learning

Courses are given by engineers, associate professors and research-professors from the excellence GREYC laboratory supported by the CNRS in Computer Science and Information and Communication technology.

The course is registered in the National Directory of vocational qualifications : document number 4378

Options for the second year
for a personalized course



Since 1997, ENSICAEN has been training experts in new technologies of e-payment. This option offers a specialization in the architecture and security of e-payment: microcircuit cards, smartphones, contactless payment, immediate payment, cryptocurrency, block chain …

image and sound

Image and Sound

Applications linked to digital imaging, to sound and to video are rapidly increasing in many fields: security, health, the car industry, video games or robotics … This option covers methods of computer graphics, virtual reality and augmented reality as well as the methods of image and sound processing and the interpretation of their content.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent machines are behind the spectacular progress in robotics, e-commerce, smart cities or medical diagnosis. The option in artificial intelligence is focused on the methodologies and techniques of machine learning, deep learning and data mining.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

To secure the multitude of data in circulation and fight against the more and more frequently occurring cyber-attacks, ENSICAEN trains specialists in cybersecurity. This option covers advanced techniques in cryptography, biometrics, protection against fraud, network and information systems security.


Incoming students who want to study for a semester at ENSICAEN can enroll in English-taught programs offered during the second year of our Master studies in Physical Engineering and Computer Science

For any questions regarding the application procedures and the deadlines, please contact

Please note that if you would like to come as an exchange student as part of a cooperation agreement between your institution and ENSICAEN, you must be nominated by your International Office.

Our curriculum in Computer Science

The advantages of our curriculum in Computer Science

Accessible to beginners in computer science
The course is open for any student with a scientific background

Limited class size
Teacher-student interaction, personalised support, cohesion and mutual help among students are the ingredients for success at ENSICAEN

Diversified Courses
4 courses to choose from in the second year

Project-based teaching

The must of education !

First year
Software Development (20h)
Programming (10h)

• Second year
Software Development (60h)

• Third year
Industrial or research (16 days)
Intensive computer science project (5 days)
Orange Innovation Academy (16 days)


Technician – First year (optional)
4 weeks minimum, from mid-June to the end of August

Engineering assistant – Second year
4 months starting in May

Engineer – Third year – Final project study
5 to 6 months starting in March

curriculum computer science

Double diploma, optional in third year

Master of Research
Computer Security, E-Secure
Imaging & multimedia data

International double diploma
Engineer of UNICAMP, in Computer Engineering (Campinas, Brazil)
Engineer of UFRGS, in Computer Engineering (Porto Alegre, Brazil)
Engineer of the University of Salerno “UNI-SA” in Computer Engineering (Salerno, Italy)

Master Degree in Management
EM Normandie Business School

Languages taught at ENSICAEN

First foreign language : English
Second foreign language : French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish
Third foreign language (optional) : Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, German or Spanish.


Zoom on the Immersive Computer Project

Every year since 2010, our engineering students are associated with the students from the University of Caen Normandy, from the School Brassart and from The Institute of Architecture and Design (IMAD). In a team, they compete against each other in a five-day computer challenge.

The aim of this serious-game: reinforce the skills learnt as well as to develop new skills in order to adapt to the high technical requirements of the projects. All in a limited time at a frantic pace.


Become “ensicaennais” !

International students who wish to pursue an academic period to study for a Master of Science degree in Computer Science and depending on their level of studies are admitted to the Bachelor 3, Master1 or Master2 year. According to their mobility project, they have the possibility between being an exchange student, a double degree student or a fully enrolled ENSICAEN student.

The quality of how they are welcomed, the accommodation and their integration is a major preoccupation of ENSICAEN.

That is why they are taken care of by the International Club’s engineering students when they arrive and receive support from the International Relations Office which provides continuous follow-up to facilitate administrative and logistic procedures. The international students also participate in cultural and convivial events organized by the International Club or the Student Office during the year.



Manage projects
> Project Manager or creator of Start-up Company

General contractor
Conception and maintenance of software
> Software developer, Project manager, Quality Control or computer architect

Advise and assist developers
> Consultant or expert

General contractor
Train and assist clients
> Product Manager or IT project Management Support

Research and Development
Lead R&D projects
> Manager R&D or researcher

Partner Companies

BNP Paribas – CapGemini – Crédit Agricole Payment Services – DejaMobile – DxO Image Science – Eldim – Elitt – Euro Information – Galitt – Gemalto – Ingenico Kylii Motion – Natixis – NXP – Orange – Partelya Consulting – Quadraxis – Sopra Steria – Thalès – Ubisoft Motion Pictures – Wincor Nixdorf


Member of the network Numerical Talents


Payment Industry, e-Commerce, Banking, Cybersecurity, Defence, Digital service companies, the car Industry, Video Games, Robotics, Medical Imaging, Video and Special Effects, Education …

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