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of our graduate engineers

The 2021 employment survey was conducted in February 2021 with 500 engineers who graduated from ENSICAEN in November 2020, 2019 and 2018. With a response rate of 83% for the 2020 year, this survey is representative of ENSICAEN science engineer employment prospects.

Key figures

Despite the pandemic, ENSICAEN engineers who graduated in September 2020 were largely able to find employment. With an average gross salary of €38,000, our young engineers very quickly found a job, with over 85% in employment within 3 months of graduating. Permanent contracts were the most common option, at 77%.


of graduates found a job within 3 months of graduating


of graduates continued their studies (9% PhD/9% non-thesis)


permanent contracts


of graduates signed their contract before graduating

Access to employment

The end-of-studies placement and apprenticeships help young graduates to find a job. 48% of graduates were recruited by their host company !

Corporate social media and personal relationships account for 25% of the methods for finding a job.

Average job search time

Geographic distribution




others regions






The roles held by our engineers change throughout their career.
40% of young graduates are project managers
83% are satisfied with their job
For 89%, the alignment between duties and career plan was the main criterion for choosing the job


ENSICAEN graduate engineers work in varied sectors depending on their studies.
24% industry
25% information technology companies
19% research & development

Business sectors for our graduate engineers

Computer Science

Cybersecurity, Defense, Video games, Medical imaging, Video and special effects, E-commerce, Banking, Payment industry, Digital services, Automotive, Robotics…

Physical engineering and embedded systems

Automotive, Aeronautics, Aerospace, Nuclear, Energy, Security, Defense, Automation, Robotics, Healthcare, Medical Imaging, Transport, Telecommunications, Information and Communication Technologies…

Materials science & chemistry

Agrochemistry, Aeronautics, Automotive, Construction, Energy, Cosmetology, Green chemistry, Pharmaceuticals, Mechanical industry, Metallurgy, Petrochemistry, Refining and catalysis…

Materials science and mechanics

Automotive, Aeronautics, Aerospace, Metallurgy, Energy, Shipbuilding, Defense, Materials expertise…

Changes to gross annual salary

€38 000

Average gross salary on hiring*

€44 000

Average gross salary after 3 years of work*

*excluding bonuses

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