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300 partner companies, 6 research laboratories supported by the CNRS

The quality of our courses lies in the interaction between associate professors, research-professors and partner companies who all work together to offer an innovative-oriented pedagogy. Our engineers, therefore, benefit from the strong scientific and technical skills of our teaching staff and are able tackle the issues of a changing world.


Incoming students who want to study for a semester at ENSICAEN can enroll in English-taught programs offered during the second year of our Master. Please note that if you would like to come as an exchange student as part of a cooperation agreement between your institution and ENSICAEN, you must be nominated by your International Office.For any questions regarding the application procedures and the deadlines, please contact

MSc – Computer Science

MSc – Physical engineering & embedded systems

MSc – Materials science & chemistry



Scientific A-levels or high school diploma + 2 to 4 years of university studies

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The compagny at the heart of courses

300 partner companies

60% of sudents sign a contract before they graduate

85% of our students are emplyed 3 months after they graduate

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opened to the world

110 partnership agreements

14 international double diplomas

15% of foreign students

Un centre de recherche innovant

A research center of excellence

6 mixed research units at the school

350 scientific publications per year

100 PhD students, 30 of whom have a contract CIFRE, a Research Industrial Training Agreement (between a company and a laboratory to finance a Phd thesis)