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ENSICAEN is a public institution, authorized to award the ENSICAEN Graduate Diploma of Engineering (equivalent to a Master’s degree) which is acknowledged by the French National Engineering Accreditation Commission (CTI).



In addition to the scientific content of the courses, lectures in complementary subjects such as marketing and management provide students with a useful overview of an engineer’s working life. Students also have the opportunity to discover a variety of different languages : English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and, of course, French (as a foreign language, for international students).

The school is divided into 5 departments, each leading to one of 7 engineering diplomas, including 3 by apprenticeship. The apprenticeship courses are unfortunately not presently accessible to overseas students.

French engineering STUDIES : 5 years

The french engineering education system includes 2 steps :

• 2 years in preparatory classes in selected high schools where students prepare the national competitive exams for admission to the 1st year of engineering school (level : Baccalaureat +2 years).

• 3 years in Engineering institutes to obtain the engineering diploma.
– The first year is equivalent to a Bachelor degree.
– The engineering diploma or Master is prepared during the last two years.

Possible direct admission to the 4th year after the baccalauréat for selected students of Universities after their undergraduate studies in Science.

picto electronics&applied physics

MSc Physical engineering and embedded systems

Our curriculum prepares students to become R&D engineers able to provide innovative solutions so as to meet challenges of sustainable development. Graduated students are ready to tackle engineering or R&D projects in aerospace, energy, information technology, health. They are able to adapt themselves to multi-disciplinary and multicultural environments. Thanks to a theoretical and practical know-how education as well as courses and training in soft skills, students acquire experience in problem solving in different fields such as sensors design, embedded systems, nuclear safety or decommissioning.

Students choose to specialize in one of the following three options :
– Nuclear engineering and Energy
– Instrumentation Physics & Sensors
– Embedded systems and automation


picto computer science

MSc Computer science

Our course aims to provide future computer engineers with a solid grounding in software architecture. The core training is based on technical knowledge (programming paradigms, algorithms, software engineering and computer modelling), practical know-how (software development, data modelling, systems security and systems interaction) and the essential “soft” skills necessary for any well-rounded engineer (team work, project management, public speaking).

Students choose to specialize in one of the following two options :
– Artificial intelligence, image and sound
– e-Payment and Cybersecurity 

picto materials science and chemistry

MSc Materials science & chemistry


Students following this course become “green” engineers with deep knowledge of organic chemistry or petrochemicals, as well as being highly skilled in the development and application of new structural materials or materials for energy. They are thus capable of providing practical solutions to the challenges confronting us as we enter the 21st century, notably those concerning energy (production and storage, as well as biofuels), sustainable development (green chemistry, carbon footprints) or population health issues (new therapeutic drugs).

Students choose to specialize in one of the following two options :
– Materials for energy and structural materials
– Organic chemistry and catalysis

Students in their final year of a Master’s degree can also obtain Research Master’s diplomas (in conjunction with the University of Caen).

Electronics and Physics specializations :
– Nuclear, Atomic and Collision physics
– Electronics, electrical energy and automatics

Computer Science specialization :
– E-banking and cyber-security

Chemistry specializations :
– Materials, Nanoscience and Energy
– Organic chemistry : environmental catalysis and sustainable development.

• A specialized Master’s diploma (Mastère Spécialisé) is offered by ENSICAEN: E-banking and Secure Transactions.
These one-year courses, following the Master’s degree, include taught theory, personal research in a business environment, and the presentation of a professional thesis.

A non-scientific Master’s diploma course is also available in Management and Business Administration.

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We want to make the international admissions process as smooth as possible for students applying to ENSICAEN from outside France, particularly those nominated by our partner institutions.

If you are an international student looking to study at ENSICAEN, there are several ways in which you can join us :

▬ As an exchange student, as part of your qualification at another higher education establishment, for a minimum of one semester, with credit transfer.

▬ As a double degree student, in order to obtain the ENSICAEN Engineering diploma (entry to the second year of our course, equivalent to the 1st year of a taught Master’s degree), as well as the qualification from your home university. The student undertakes 3 academic semesters at ENSICAEN and a 6-month professional internship in industry.

▬ As a fully enrolled ENSICAEN student, in order to obtain the ENSICAEN Engineering diploma (initial entry at final-year Bachelor’s degree level, either based on academic records & interview OR after selection via the “CCP” Concours Communs Polytechniques). The engineering diploma is then awarded after three years of successful full-time study.


for exchange students

Before you start your application, please read carefully the information about the application process under procedure.

Please send an email to the International office.

Then click on APPLY ONLINE to start your application.

admissions étudiants étrangers

▬ Application procedure

Application for an international mobility at our institution is only possible by use of the online application form available on this website under « APPLY ONLINE ».

▬ Complete application form

To apply online you must first create a personal account in which you can make your application, save it and continue to work on it at a later stage if you wish so.

→ Please log in to your personal account, complete the online form and submit your application.

▬ Finalise the application

After the application data has been submitted online, your application will be created as a PDF-document which you must print out.If you do not have access to a printer at this stage, you can save the file and print your application later.
The printed application form must be signed by you and the coordinator at your institution and then posted to our institution.

→ Please note that our office cannot process your application without the required enclosures and signatures.

You will receive confirmation of receipt of your application per email. Your application will be examined and if accepted a letter of acceptance will be posted to you.

Enclose required documents

The following documents must be enclosed with your application: the Learning Agreement containing your planned course units in our institution. To create your Learning Agreement, please use our institution’s online course catalogue. The Learning Agreement may be modified after your arrival and discussion with your academic coordinator.

→ For all questions relating to your Learning Agreement, please contact your faculty coordinator, the Transcripts of Records obtained in previous years of study.

Deadlines for application

• 15 th June for 1st semester of the academic year
• 1st December for 2nd semester

Postal address for application

École Nationale Supérieure d’Ingénieurs de CAEN
Bureau des relations internationales
6, boulevard du Maréchal Juin – CS 45053
14050 CAEN Cedex 4 – FRANCE

Erasmus +

pictogramme erasmus

Erasmus+ Programme special needs support

Erasmus+ pays particular attention to guidance, reception, physical accessibility, pedagogical and technical support services, and, especially, financing the extra costs for students and staff whose physical, mental or health-related conditions are such that their participation in Erasmus+ would not be possible without extra financial support (from here on referred to as “students and staff with physical, mental or health-related conditions”). This is to ensure that you can take full advantage of an Erasmus+ mobility experience.

Each higher education institution (HEI), by signing the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE), commits to ensuring equal access and opportunities to participants from all backgrounds. Therefore, students and staff with physical, mental or health-related conditions can benefit from the support services that the receiving institution offers to its local students and staff.

Additional grant

For your access needs during your mobility, you can apply for an Erasmus+ grant for students and staff with physical, mental or health-related conditions in addition to the regular Erasmus+ study or traineeship or staff mobility grant. In preparation of your Erasmus+ mobility, you should indicate your needs and foreseen extra costs linked to your physical, mental or health-related conditions, in order to apply for the Erasmus+ special needs support grant.

What are your access needs?

Areas that could be eligible for support linked to your Erasmus+ mobility, according to individual needs, include but are not limited to: adapted accommodation, travel assistance, medical attendance, supportive equipment, adaption of learning material, an accompanying person, etc.

How to apply?

Ask at the International Relations Office or Erasmus+ Coordinator at your Faculty or equivalents to help you with the Erasmus+ special needs support application form.

Information for outgoing students and staff is available at the International Office.



The Intercultural Club of ENSICAEN students provides support and promotes interaction with and integration into the ENSICAEN community : welcoming at the airport, sponsoring students…



Discover the world with photos of our students abroad !

the international team

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