Vivre à Caen : l'abbaye aux Hommes
Vivre à Caen : l'abbaye aux Hommes

and its surrounding region

With more than 34 000 students, Caen is a pleasant city in which to live, the different universities and colleges are situated on five campuses.

CAEN, in Normandy

Traditionally known for its history and culture, Caen is an attractive place to study, near the sea and Norman countryside, and only 2 hours from Paris.
At the heart of a metropolitan area of over 300 000 inhabitants, including 34 000 students, Caen is close to many major historical and cultural sites including the D-Day landing beaches, the Memorial for Peace and the Mont-St-Michel.

Caen is an attractive city for all kinds of sporting activities (on land and water), art galleries and historical museums, as well as music festivals. The area also offers :

  • theatres, concert halls, cinemas, shopping centres,
  • and a football stadium–home to the Caen national League 2 team.

Caen is a city of innovation and challenge, committed to the high-tech industry and offering higher education and research in all the major subject areas.

Vivre à Caen : l'abbaye aux Hommes

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Ville de Caen

▬ Culture

3 cinemas : Gaumont Pathé located at the Rives de l’Orne and 2 art-house cinemas: “Le Café des images” and “Le Lux”

3 concert halls : the Cargö, the Big Band Café et the Zénith

Festivals : Beauregard, Nördik Impakt, the Boréales

Museums : Museum of Fine Arts, Normandy Museum, Memorial of Caen

Theaters :  The Theatre and the Comédie de Caen


Mémorial de Caen

▬ Sport Activities

The SUAPS enrolling gives you access to low-priced activities.

Swimming pools : Aquatic sports center, Chemin-Vert, Grâce de Dieu …

Stadiums : Hélitas Stadium, Venoix Velodrome Stadium, Michel d’Ornano football stadium

Ice Rink of Caen

Sea Sports : 10 kilometres from Caen

Hiking and Mountain Bike tours : in the woods of Grimbosq – 15 km from Caen

rues de la ville de caen

▬ Social life

The Port where you can find the best restaurants, bars and nightclubs

The Rue de Geôle, next to Campus 1, a 100% student atmosphere with student prices

The rue Ecuyère, street known as the most festive street of Caen

Football matches of the Caen football team at the Ornano Stadium

Caen Open Tennis tournament at the Zenith

Caen Carnival, the biggest students carnival in Europe

Running events : the Courant de la Liberté, the Rochambelle…

Festivals : Book Fair, the Boréales, Nördik Impakt, Beauregard

Mémorial de Caen
rues de la ville de caen
Caen Terre de création

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